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Business is experiencing a slow down in economic growth globally which is intensifying competitive pressures. The rate of technological change is accelerating and is having increasingly disruptive consequences. This technology change is spawning a new breed of business models, which are disrupting established ways of working and doing business.

Are your ways of working helping you?

Automation is changing jobs at a faster pace and we are seeing a hollow out of middle-skill jobs across a range of sectors.  Technological advances are leading to an unprecedented rate of innovation in products and services, creating new sources of competitive pressure – as well as enormous potential for businesses that pivot and harness the future growth, profitability and cost reduction potentials. 

'The purpose of a leadership is to bring about the right kind of change.'
adapted from John Kotter
About us

Making sense of the challenge

At CorMentis Consulting, we bring the science of being human to the world of business.  We combine learnings from fields such as psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics and human resources to help leaders and organisations make an impact in complex and ambiguous challenges.  We are not ordinary consultants. We are immersive partners that are working alongside you and your team to provide you with genuine, targeted support to succeed.

We partner with the Neuropower Group of companies to bring the knowledge and expertise gained from more than a dozen fields of study to provide a simple approach to unpacking the complexity of being human.   Our goal is to create extraordinary leaders and workplaces that access and use the most powerful of change levers in all the human systems, the mind. 


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Shift mindsets

Most people often do not realise the impact their mindsets have on determining their perceptions of their world. Your mindset is extremely powerful and is one of the critical change levers you have within the human systems. Building self-awareness is a crucial activity for leaders and people that want to improve their performance and thrive in an increasingly complex world.

improve performance

Whether you need to build a more productive team, increase confidence in your leadership behaviours, or develop stronger skills and knowledge in the business to deliver results, our approach can help you. Learn how to harness the dynamic push-pull of leader behaviours and management skills and align this with fundamentals of performance at each level of the business.

Move Culture

Many organisations never successfully implement change or shift the culture. This difficulty is often due to the complexity of aligning human behaviours to complex systems. Using behavioural strategy, organisational design and neuropower we work with businesses to align leader behaviour to their new operating paradigm.

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