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Cooperation, coordination and Collaboration.

It is estimated that up to a third of a companies successful collaboration efforts, come from only 3% to 5% of your employees. This is despite the explosion of ‘teaming’ and collaborative work practices.

This means that we are doing more collaborative things but we are not seeing much in the results.  


It always comes back to two key areas: leadership and people. 

1 – Leaders can find it hard to know where to focus the teams efforts. To find the right mix of cooperation, coordination and collaboration. Working on this balance is how you maximise your operational delivery and find the collaborative brilliance.

 2 – Teams can struggle with the the same balance. When do we inform vs when do we contribute and engage to getting the work done. 

We can help you assess, develop and train your leaders and teams in making the shifts between coordination and collaboration


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What People Say


Karen has given us a significant head start in helping our leaders respond and deal with change.  The workshops were fun, interactive and engaging well worth the investment of time and money. 

Maria Thompson

Fantastic few days looking at how leaders think and ways we can create behaviour change.  Really appreciated the science-based approach and the engaging way the information was presented.

Johan W

Working with Karen is like having a personal onsite coach.  Her experience in leading teams and business meant that help was both practical and workable. She spent time getting to know my business and each member of my team.  The process significantly improved the overall culture and productivity of my team over the time we worked together.

Angela Mc Williams

Over 20 years experience

Access to a team of dedicated specialists that work with you to provide strategic business & career guidance.

Trusted solutions

Based in science, and backed by research, all our solutions draw from the very best past and present information available.

Proprietary Assessments

We help diagnose, assess & understand the skills, capabilities and growth mindset of leaders and your team.

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We transform workplace performance into a competitive advantage that will deliver you real business benefits.

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We love collaborating with future thinking leaders and teams that just want to do business better.

Who are we

Cormentis Consulting is a Singapore based specialist consultancy applying behavioural science, leadership theory and organisational design to today's workplaces.

We help you think, learn and work differently so you can overcome the patterns and barriers that hold you back. To improve performance or deliver change we need to think differently about the human systems that drive our businesses.

Cormentis brings the science of people into the complex world of business.

We are not ordinary consultants, we are immersive partners and copilots that work alongside you and your team. We access and use a range of different human sciences, to help you shift your behaviours, mindsets and help you to achieve your organisational and personal goals.

Our tools are based in the human sciences, leadership and learning theory, behavioural economics and relational analytics.

CorMentis is a strategic partner with the Neuropower Group and work across both the public and private sectors in the Asia Pacific area.

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We love collaborating with future thinking leaders and teams that just want to do business better.

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