What we do

Effective Leadership is mobilising others to want to achieve outcomes. It’s in how we shift values to actions, visions into realities, breakdown barriers and take the separate parts and bring them together into a cohesive whole. It’s making a difference on the culture and fostering talent to reach beyond themselves. 

We enable this by applying proprietary testing and training methodology and tools that identify growth areas, unpacking decision making bias and habits and identify behavioural strategies that focus on creating new patterns and behaviours that will drive sustained performance. 

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Teaming is an active process of connecting and reconnecting.  It is the activity of working together in a flexible and fluid way within an organisation and the skills to team well impacts people at all levels of business.  By maximising information and learning on teaming, companies can avoid many unnecessary challenges that impact team formation and effectiveness. 

We evaluate teaming dynamics across six core areas, unpack social and cultural challenges impacting collaboration and create interventions and action plans that drive performance outcomes.

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Organisations are in a constant need to reduce costs, improve product and services, source growth areas and build productivity.  The ability to successfully implement and deliver shifts in strategy that gives the right people architecture, generate new behaviours and change outdated organisational culture is complex and demanding.   

We know how to assess the size and scope of change, develop insights and actions that align current organisational needs with future requirements and define actionable outcomes that support leaders to have confidence to deliver needed change.

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Our Approach

We work on a very simple philosophy, emotions drive people and people drive your outcomes and performance. To improve performance or deliver change we need to think differently about the human systems that drive our businesses.

We love to bring the science of people into the complex world of business.  We are not ordinary consultants we are immersive partners and copilots that work alongside you and your team. Through the use of a range of different human sciences, we help you achieve your organisational and personal goals.

Our tools are based in behaviour science, leadership theory, game and learning theory, behavioural economics, systems thinking, data analysis and relational analytics.

About Us

Cormentis Consulting is a Singapore based specialist consultancy applying behavioural science, leadership theory and organisational design to today’s workplaces. 

We are partnered with the Neuropower Group and work across both the public and private sectors in the Asia Pacific area.


What People Say

Karen has given us a significant headstart in helping our leaders respond and deal with change.  The workshops were interesting and engaging and linked to actionable work outcomes.  
Maria Thompson

Finance Industry

Fantastic few days looking at how leaders think and ways we can create behaviour change.  Really appreciated the science-based approach and the engaging way the information was presented.
Johan W

Community Sector

Working with Karen is like having a personal onsite coach.  Her experience in leading teams and business meant that help was both practical and workable. She spent time getting to know my business and each member of my team.  The process significantly improved the overall culture and productivity of my team over the time we worked together.
Angela McWilliams

Finance and Bank sector

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