Karen Green

Karen is a distinguished professional with over 20 years of expertise in human resources and business. Her true passion lies in empowering individuals to gain deeper self-awareness, uncover their motivations, and seamlessly bridge the gap between personal and professional lives. Throughout her career, Karen has worked closely with countless leaders and teams, deriving immense satisfaction from facilitating personal growth and driving transformational change in both careers and personal lives.

Leveraging her extensive experience across the public and private sectors, Karen specialises in orchestrating complex behaviour change to enhance overall well-being. Her focus on transformational change, leadership development, and team performance allows her to bring unparalleled knowledge and expertise to every engagement.

For those interested in leadership development, talent management, and corporate well-being, Karen offers a unique perspective that integrates personal insight with professional excellence. She is dedicated to fostering environments where leaders can thrive, teams can excel, and organisations can achieve sustained success.

Karen has a Masters in Human Resources and postgraduate qualifications in psychology and organisational behaviour.

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