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Creating Amazing Leaders and Highly Effective teams

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Leaders and teams

creating Amazing leaders and highly effective teams.

Why it is important

  • Organizations with high performing leaders are 13 times more likely to financially outperform their industry competitors

  • Organizations with high-quality leadership have up to 3 times higher employee retention & engagement to similar organisations

  • Only 5% of businesses have implemented leadership development at all levels

  • 77% of organizations report they’re currently experiencing a leadership gap

  • 75% of employees would stay longer at an organisation that listens and addresses their concerns

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People make teams unpredictable

Building a high performing team is NOT a straight road.

When teams come together they begin by building relationships. They connect with other team members and with the team as a whole.

Failure to feel an acceptance to the group or to relate to the work of the team will very quickly impact on a person’s performance in the team.

Even as groups form and move towards stable performance, many barriers can set a team hurtling back down the board. Issues such as trust and interdependency sit at the heart of a team’s ability to mature the relationships.

How well does your team shift between cooperation and collaboration?

Can we help you do it better?

Not all teams need to function the same way...

Most teams in today’s workplaces describe themselves as collaborative. But often they are moving between cooperative and coordinated work.

For most teams, effective collaboration is an aspiration, and we are somewhere else on the continuum. We may not all do the same work but there are fundamentals that all teams need to be highly effective. 

Leaders play a critical role in shaping the environment, maturity and outcomes of teams. 

What we offer

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