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The EQ vs. IQ Debate

In today’s fast-paced world, the age-old debate between emotional intelligence (EQ) and intellectual intelligence (IQ) continues to intrigue. While IQ may determine one’s academic prowess, it’s EQ that often proves pivotal in navigating the complexities of modern life. From forging strong relationships to excelling in leadership roles, cultivating emotional intelligence emerges as the cornerstone of success and fulfillment.

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Finding opportunities in a changing world

Crises have often served as crucibles for innovation and change, and there is no doubt that we are currently facing a world that is rapidly redefining itself. So, how do we find the opportunities we can leverage in our business?

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Listening well

How well do you listen?
Listening is a complex and demanding task. It is an essential ingredient to quality communication and our failure to listen affects many areas of our life. It is also a skill you can practice and learn.

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creative thinking

Creative thinking and innovation have become buzzwords floating around leader development, strategy and many other aspects of the business world for a while. If you search for definitions, it would be no surprise that there are hundreds of ways people describe and apply these concepts.

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A short e-resource on developing effective teams