Some of our key programs

Get the performance right

Team effectiveness is a combination of leader behaviour, member attitudes and clarity on the work outcomes that together create an understanding of the 'what' the 'why' and 'how' of work.
Can we help you improve your effectiveness?

Redesigning your team

½ day workshop

Set the team up for success with this short workshop. Exploring the role of leader mindset leadership styles. Designing the work and process to fit the team performance.

Balancing your leadership and management

Assessment and 1 hour debrief

Covers assessment of the 4 key leadership behaviours and 4 essential management skills you need to drive implementation of your vision. $600 per person, Includes a 30 day implementation plan.

Getting back to leadership fundamentals

12 week online and face to face coaching program

Revisit the essentials of effective leadership. From $4,500 includes a balanced leadership assessment, weekly curated content, tips, resources and guides, monthly debrief session and regular check-in's.

Developing collaboration and innovation skills for teams

1 day workshop

Exploring the different skills and behaviours needed to bring your collaborative best to the team.